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Daily Specials

WEEKDAY HAPPY HOUR 2:00-6:00 - $1.00 Individual Regular and Individual Kids queso - $3.50 Import/Craft bottles and drafts - $2.50 Domestic bottles and drafts

Hand Crafted Drinks

16 oz. margaritas

Artisan Salsas

Chips and salsa are complimentary. Pick your homemade salsa below.

Chip Friends


Authentic Street Tacos

A variety of street taco flavors in a 6" soft corn shell

Hard Corn Tacos

SMALL- 6" hard corn shell BIG- 8" hard corn shell

Soft Flour Tacos

SMALL- 5.5" soft flour shell BIG- 7.5" soft flour shell

Taco Relatives

Close relatives to tacos

Side Items

side items to add to any taco or entree